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  • Services | Houston Technical Writing, Equipment Operation Manuals and Oil and Gas Training Services

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    More often than not, documentation is treated as a lower priority by many companies, especially those organizations that lack their own dedicated documentation or technical writing departments. While it’s understandable that documentation is not the primary expertise of technical companies, it is critically important that documentation is clear, concise, accurate and up to date. Studies have shown that poor documentation can lead to employee safety risks, increased liability, lost revenue, penalties, and even damaged reputations. If your company does not have a dedicated documentation department, it pays to go with a professional and seasoned technical writing firm like Hunter McKenzie. Our expertise allows you the time to focus on your core competencies while we produce the supporting documentation that your company will be proud to put their name on.


    Let’s face it, you’re an expert in the service or equipment you provide, but that doesn’t mean that you have the time or resources to devote to training all of your employees. Hunter McKenzie is able to develop and deploy specialized training programs throughout your organization. We can create unique training programs, tailored to your needs in any area that you require and we can deliver it in multiple formats, including the latest advances in mobile functionality. Whether you need induction training for new employees, on-the-job (OJT) training, operator qualification or employee competency assessment (ECA) programs, we can deliver a high quality, custom tailored solution that will help your employees and company perform at peak levels.

    Digital Media

    Aside from our typical documentation packages, Hunter McKenzie also provides a host of digital media services: From photography and animation to videography and augmented reality. Typically these services go hand-in-hand with developing technical documentation packages, as needed but sometimes however, companies are simply seeking a professional firm to provide these offerings as stand-alone services. Hunter McKenzie has you covered! We have provided many customers with all types of digital media for use in instructional curriculum and marketing collateral.