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  • About Us | Houston Technical Writing, Equipment Operation Manuals and Oil and Gas Training Services

    About Hunter McKenzie

    Founded by Mark Swinden in 2006, Hunter McKenzie LP was launched to assist companies that provide and maintain highly engineered equipment, solve their complex documentation issues. After over 25 years of hands-on, field experience and progressive managerial experience in the energy sector, Mark realized that he wasn’t using his time and unique skill-set effectively. To address this, he left the confines of his corporate life and began focusing his efforts on solving technical documentation issues that many companies face today. His background of being both in the field and behind the desk gave him a unique perspective on Installation, Operation and Maintenance (IOM) Manuals. So much in fact, that his new clients quickly realized that he brought a new approach to tackling their ongoing IOM manual issues. Using the same approach and experience he then expanded Hunter McKenzie’s offering to include Process-based Procedures, Regulatory Compliance (PHMSA), Training Curriculum Development and other various areas of technical writing. Today, the company has expanded into Augmented Reality & Digital Media to complement their service offerings.

    Hunter McKenzie is not just another technical writing firm. We are a small business focused on big challenges! Our clients often find our level of competency a welcomed bonus because they've become accustomed to dealing with writing firms that cannot provide our level of in-depth expertise without constant hand-holding.

    After a successful decade of operation, we have established a solid reputation for superior quality and exceptional customer service. We have earned several accolades from our clients, including a “Service Excellence Award”. We are proud of the work we have done and the reputation we have earned.

    Hunter McKenzie envisions itself as necessary partners in helping our clients achieve their goals. With many years of combined and varying industry experience, we understand what it takes to successfully develop your critical technical documentation. We vow to ensure that our work meets the needs of our clients and in most cases, exceeds their expectations.

    Hunter McKenzie

    We have earned a reputation for excellence and have received many accolades from our clients, including a “Service Excellence Award” from DHES Engineering.