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  • Dallas Technical Writing, Equipment Operation Manuals and Oil and Gas Training Services
    • Documentation

      Hunter McKenzie understands the importance of recognizing the unique elements of each customer’s circumstances. Working with a company that understands your equipment and/or service is paramount and as such, we utilize our extensive industry experience paired with your internal experts to develop the best documentation possible for your organization.

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    • Training

      Studies have shown that an educated workforce can dramatically increase operational efficiency while decreasing “on-the-job” accidents and injuries. By increasing efficiency and reducing injuries, your company’s product/service quality improves, you receive higher safety ratings and you save money on ever-increasing insurance costs.

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    • Digital & Aerial Media

      Aside from our typical documentation packages, Hunter McKenzie also provides Digital Media services (including aerial/drone footage capture and inspections) to complement our standard services. Our Digital Media offerings give you several options of upgrading your current documentation packages to more aesthetically pleasing formats and delivery methods.

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    Documentation Services

    Hunter McKenzie is a leading documentation development firm, specialized in providing documentation, training and digital media development services to the energy, industrial, petrochemical and marine markets. We specialize in operator manuals, process-based procedures, regulatory compliance, manufacturing record books and many other forms of critical operational documentation.

    Customers demand technical documentation that will give them the crucial information that they need so it is essential that it be clearly written, easy to understand, accurate, translated into multiple languages, and in some cases, accessible in multiple formats (hard-copy, electronic, mobile). Companies, lacking in available resources, often struggle to produce documentation that meets these requirements, so it is imperative that they find a qualified and reputable firm that can meet the expectations of their clients. Hunter McKenzie excels at this task.

    Technical Experts

    Our constant devotion to our core principles of unwavering customer service and high quality work is what really sets Hunter McKenzie apart from the competition. Our combined background and experience in “heavy industry” puts us head and shoulders above the rest. Unlike other technical writing firms, we are able to read and comprehend complex equipment operational theory and interpret your engineering drawings and schematics. In essence, we provide an additional layer of quality control for our clients.

    Hunter McKenzie’s expertise is an invaluable asset for our clients and is the primary reason we have so many repeat customers. If you are in need of document services or any other technical writing projects, contact Hunter McKenzie today to see how we can provide solutions for your documentation projects!