Companies without a dedicated documentation department normally rely on their own engineers or high level specialists to develop their critical documentation. Typically, this method results in inconsistent documentation, presented from the engineer’s point of view, instead of the end-users. Tasking engineers with writing (or documentation) duties can dramatically impact the amount of time they have to dedicate to their core competencies: Equipment design / re-design and fielding customer inquiries. This can dramatically impact your company’s bottom line!

While engineers are encouraged to take part in the development process, professional technical writers with real-world, industry specific experience are better suited to actually develop the documentation. Failure to produce quality documentation may lead to many issues that can negatively impact your business. Sub-par documentation could result in increased safety risks, lost revenue, damaged customer relations, poor industry standing and even an increase in your company’s liability!

Hunter McKenzie has the flexibility and experience to avoid many of today’s pitfalls and provide custom tailored services to meet your needs. We can become your Technical Writing Department or we can step in, to assist your existing writing department as demand increases and deadlines loom. Our flexibility allows us to address both the short-term and long-term demands of most clients while maintaining top notch customer service, technical competency and exceptional quality, regardless of the need.